Monday, July 9, 2012

Stack 'em






My love for crafts cannot be put into words and I blame 1) being artsy as a child and 2) all those years of watching "Out of the Box." Every now and then, I enjoy getting in touch with my inner Martha Stewart (pre jail cell, of course). So when I saw this amazing bracelet tutorial on Honestly WTF, I made it a mission to find all the materials and put my craftiness to use because it's been ages since I've sat down to do something artsy. Hunting down the required materials was not an easy feat, it took me two hours to find everything I needed because they didn't have exactly what I was looking for (hence the reason I had to spray paint the chains gold) or I kept getting distracted by other craft ideas. I made these a week ago for my best friend's birthday and in order to keep them a surprise, I couldn't post about them because she reads this blog HEY, HI, HELLO BEST FRIEND! But the wait was worth it because she loved them and now we have incredibly cliched, matching bracelets. They were really easy to make and can be effortlessly stacked (which I love); I would definitely give them a go if you get the chance.


Jenny said...

Those are awesome! Aww, you're such a sweetheart for making matching bracelets for you and your best friend. :)

Darianne said...

Omg I watched out of the box faithfully when it came on lol. I want some! I think you should make profit off of them and sell them. They are so cute!

vamos.espanaaaa said...


Briana said...

These are adorable! I wish I was crafty, I enjoy arts and crafts but I find that I'm not so great at the execution LOL!
I just found your blog from Darianne btw, I think its awesome!

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