Saturday, July 7, 2012

Excited for school....what?

I finally have my schedule for the classes I will be taking in Italy when I'm not stuffing my face with pizza and gelato. You can tell from my unsteady hands that the classes in red are the ones I will be taking. I don't have classes on Monday and some Fridays (thank the heavens above) you know what this means? I'll have plenty of time to be studious and finish work ahead of time travel to all of the places on my list! I was worrying (let's be real, when am I not?) I wouldn't have many weekends to see everything I wanted to see, so all the squealing that resulted from seeing my schedule was totally warranted. I guess waiting to study abroad my junior year is worth it because if I had gone one or two semesters ago, I would have been in class much longer and I would have known less Italian. I remember being devastated each time I had to push it a semester back and now that it's finally happening, I'm excited to see how nicely everything has come together. 

I have yet to purchase any of my books because the idea of staring at expensive book prices and imagining my bank account shrinking doesn't sound so thrilling. And then comes the perplexing question of, "how am I going to fit these books into my suitcase along with four months worth of clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc?" Just the idea of packing leaves my mind in a whirlwind and the fact that I'll have to pack in 40 something days? Insanity (yes, exactly like the name of the workout I attempted where I failed miserably).


Jenny said...

Whoa, you have a 9:30-12:30 class? I don't know how some people can sit in a class for three hours. I'd be so restless! But that's only once a week, I'm assuming?

Ah no classes on Mondays and some Fridays? That's the best. Unfortunately, I go to school M-Th because I wanted to see how it feels to go to school four days a week instead of three. Good luck with your schedule and workload! I know you can do it.

I'm pretty excited to see your photos when you go. I've always wanted to go, but I think I can live it through you. :)

I'm cringing for you right now. Textbooks can be so expensive... do you think you can rent instead of purchasing them?

Lots of luck!!

Darianne said...

Omg a three hour class? When i was in high school I had a class that ran for almost 2 hours and wanted to jump out the window. Aww I wanna go back to school! Like I'm too excited for college. I would LOVE to study in Italy like you, or London, or Milan, or anywhere out of the country basically. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds :/
I did a post on renting books cheaper than buying them, from campus book rentals. I don't know if they have your books you need, but you can look and see (:

Nicole said...

Wow 3 hours! My longest class I've had at university is 2 hours and it seemed to drag on, I don't know I'd cope for that long. I can't wait to see your photo's when you're there! I bet your excited!

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