Thursday, April 19, 2012

My first time out of the house

and it just so happens to be out of the country. My mom and I were joking around today and she said, "You've been with us since you were born and the first time you leave, it isn't into a dorm room for school or anything. You didn't take a small step, you practically jumped off the bridge and into the water of another country!" This conversation followed right after I told her I got my housing questionnaire for living arrangements in Italy. Single room? Double room with someone else? Home-stay with an Italian family? So many options to choose from, all with limited availability. My mom, being the paranoid woman that she is, wants me to pick the single room. "What if someone tries to steal your things? Your camera or your mone--what if they pick fights with you? What if it gets out of hand and something bad happens???~~!!!?" She hasn't even seen The Roommate and she's already nervous. I can definitely see where I get my worrying side from. I got the e-mail on my phone before math and my laptop was out in seconds so I could fill out the form. This is all just so....unbelievable. As if finally living on my own isn't exciting enough, the fact that my apartment will be in Italy is enough to send my mind into a whirlwind.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One step closer

The various components of my visa application are finally finished! Can I get a "hallelujah" up in this? I still have to sign the actual application in front of a notary, but other than that, I'm all set. It's due this Friday and after that, I'll have to patiently wait for my passport to return with the visa stamp on it. I took my passport photos for the application today and I thought I was going to look decent in them until the photo guy handed them back to me. There's this huge chunk of hair sticking out from the side of my head as I'm smiling foolishly. Seriously? Will I ever get a break from all these horrible yearbook/passport/ID pictures or is this a life-long thing? In other news, I also turned in my second and final deposit for housing and I might be picking out the type of room I prefer within the next couple of weeks. Still can't believe this is all a reality and not a dream or my imagination!



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Confessions of a shoeholic

The Zara heels I ordered a few days ago to fuel my high heel addiction came in today and I practically screamed. I don't know what it is about heels that make me want to swipe my card in a nanosecond whenever I see a cute pair (maybe it's because they're intimidating and can also be used as a weapon). These are so pretty omg, so pretty that I may or may not have have spent five minutes just sitting and staring at them. I was a little iffy about the color at first but they're so much nicer in person, the photos on the website don't really do them justice. I'm too excited to wear them and this is not a good thing because my summer job will only encourage me to splurge some more.....and I have no problem with that. You can never have too many pairs of shoes, okay.





Monday, April 9, 2012

Italy, here I come!


Excuse my grammatical errors, I'm so elated right now! I've been talking about studying abroad for years (since middle school, actually) and today, at 20, it's finally happening. The flight has been booked, it's all real now. I can't wrap my head around it! I'll have Italy and Europe at my disposal for four months and I honestly couldn't be at a happier point in my life. Hard work and persistence really do make a difference and I see it now. The struggle to get here seems worth it and I'm ready for a life-changing experience. August can't come soon enough!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Here we go

I decided to get an early start on my visa application for Italy today and as much as I love all things Italian, I am definitely not a fan of their complicated visa application form. It's been almost an hour and I have yet to get to the fourth page. There are so many confusing sections and although I managed to fill most of out it myself, I think I'll meet up with my advisor to help me finish. I'm still having a hard time believing that this is actually happening. I'm filling out my visa application form today and on Monday, my flight may possibly be booked.....can it be August already?