Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One step closer

The various components of my visa application are finally finished! Can I get a "hallelujah" up in this? I still have to sign the actual application in front of a notary, but other than that, I'm all set. It's due this Friday and after that, I'll have to patiently wait for my passport to return with the visa stamp on it. I took my passport photos for the application today and I thought I was going to look decent in them until the photo guy handed them back to me. There's this huge chunk of hair sticking out from the side of my head as I'm smiling foolishly. Seriously? Will I ever get a break from all these horrible yearbook/passport/ID pictures or is this a life-long thing? In other news, I also turned in my second and final deposit for housing and I might be picking out the type of room I prefer within the next couple of weeks. Still can't believe this is all a reality and not a dream or my imagination!




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