Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Student visa has arrived!



I was at work when my sister texted me and let me know that a package from the Consolato Generale d'Italia arrived and I'm pretty sure my heart jumped out of my body and onto the floor. One of my co-workers told me his friend was trying to study abroad to Argentina and his visa application was denied and ever since that moment, I had been apprehensive about my own visa. "What if they denied me? What if they said no? I mean I already paid for my ticket and paid my deposit, how could they do this to me?!! I am an outstanding member of society!!" After practically throwing my phone across the room because of my shaky hands (I love how dramatic I'm making this out to be), I asked her to open it and when my phone buzzed again I was preparing for the most profound heart break of my life but instead, it was a picture message of my visa and I had to refrain from screaming, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I couldn't contain my excitement and some of the parents noticed and congratulated me, it made my day.

The midsummer evaluation at work that I was brooding over also went exceptionally well. My boss didn't evil-laugh maniacally, there was no thundering/lightning, or any suspenseful/you're-getting-fired kind of music playing when I walked into her office. I was a nervous wreck (I peed like twice before I went in) that she would critique every fiber of my being, but she didn't have any recommendations on what I needed to improve and told me I was very pleasant to work with. Today has been amazing and you know what makes this day even better? I have tomorrow off!


Darianne said...

I am the same way. People like to tell you things like that after you've done something. I'd be in panic mode. Lol. I'm glad you got your visa.

Jenny said...

Aw, congratulations on receiving your student visa! I know you're super happy. :) I'm super jealous that you're going to study abroad! Such a wonderful experience.

By the way, would you like to be friends and link exchange? My domain's andshewrites.com :)

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