Thursday, July 19, 2012

"See you in Rome! Wait...oh my god."

That's the line that stopped everyone dead in their tracks Tuesday night at the getting-to-know-everyone study abroad dinner I went to. It his us like a truck and our facial expressions were priceless, I wish someone had taken a picture. I was a nervous wreck before I left for the Italian restaurant (how appropriate) because I was worried it would be one of those painfully awkward dinners with dry conversation and unpleasant moments of silence, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. Everyone who showed up got along nicely and there was a variety of personalities present. There was an incredibly sassy guy named Kyle, who asked some of the funniest questions, "What kind of shoes do they wear in Italy? You better not wear Vans, because I will burn them, I hate them." There was also this hilarious guy named Craig, who joked around about being our bodyguard if we ever went to Amsterdam. As for the girls, one of them, Jenny, is a total party animal who's sarcasm is parallel to mine, I can tell it's going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. It was nice to be around people who will be experiencing the same things I will: edginess, excitement, packing/flight stress, all that fun stuff. Many of us came in that night with worries of not having others to travel with and we left with informal plans of places to visit together. Jenny already told me she'd be down to see a soccer game in Barcelona and we all discussed going to Germany, France, and possibly Morocco (I didn't even know we'd be able to do that). I'm definitely not as anxious as I was before and the linguini I had might have been the reason (lol let's be real, food can make any situation better).

I also ordered all of my books for my classes and they've been showing up on my doorstep! Not having to deal with accounting and math and fancy calculators and wanting to burn my books is going to be a breath of fresh air!


Nicole said...

That's great you get along really well with the others, I bet it makes things a little less nerve wraking haha. That's so exciting that your books are starting to arrive! I bet you can't wait!

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