Friday, July 20, 2012

It's about time

After what felt like an eternity (seriously, pretty sure I have grandkids already), my housing assignment finally came in! I nearly dropped my phone when I checked my e-mail at work, I couldn't contain myself. I'll be living in a small, quaint apartment in the historic center of Arezzo, five minutes from the university and the train station, with three other girls. The decor of the apartment totally screams European and I'm in love with our entry way and dining area. Although I had requested a single room, I'm looking forward to the learning experience that will come along with having to share a room with someone else. I've been living at home since I was a child and I've had my own room for as long as I can remember, it's going to be such a drastic change (the idea of having to wear pants in my room is daunting). But I'm going into this with optimism and the hope we all get along and don't have to deal with any conflicts, but I'm pretty sure that's setting the bar high in terms of expectations, no? One can always...dream, right? Just kidding, my roommates are texting me right now about what we're going to pack and if we want to meet up for coffee before we depart, so far so good!

Being on my own is going to be the most exciting and uneasy part. Although I've been pretty independent a majority of my life and can take care of myself, it's going to be strange not seeing my mom every day. The first time I move out would be to another country. If I leave something behind that I'll absolutely need, I can't just call my mom and say, "Hey mom, I forgot so-and-so, can you bring it to campus?" I won't be able to indulge in her home-cooking either, but I'm sure Italy will graciously take care of me in the food department. And the exciting part to this conundrum? No crazy curfews or third degree regarding where I'm going or with who. It's going to be the ultimate test to see if I can take care of myself, manage my time properly, and handle adult-like affairs such as finances/bills. This semester is going to be a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from exhilarating to stressful to eye-opening. I've booked my flight, picked my suitcases, and gotten my housing assignment and I'm still in denial about all of this. It's definitely going to be a life-changing experience and with 29 days left to go, I'm getting restless, nervous, and excited all at the same time!


Darianne said...

I wish i could go to Italy!

Nicole said...

I'm becoming super super jealous haha! That's exciting you know where you're going to be living, and with three other girls it sounds amazing.

FriendlyVirgo said...

Love THIS blog entry. You sound like me when I was entering into the world of college/LIFE! You brought back memories. Carry on...enjoy dear!

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