Friday, August 3, 2012

Everything is slowly coming together


All of the books I'll be taking with me have finally arrived. Thankfully they're all pretty small, hopefully they won't weigh down my suitcases too much! 


The hunt for all of my make up/toiletries/etc officially began yesterday. 


My mom gave me her luggage set not too long ago (I squealed forever) and since they're sitting across from my bed, I wake up to them every morning and it's daunting/exciting to know I'll be packing them in less than two weeks. 


I also decided to take on an internship while in Italy, so I've been attempting, lazily so, to get the paperwork finished. It will enhance my language skills and will boost my resume (and we all know how obsessed I am with my resume looking polished). Fingers crossed that I get one of my top three choices!


Darianne said...

Its getting close! Arent you excited (:

Carla said...

Good luck with everything!

BTW, don't you just love Sharpie pens?

Jenny said...

An internship sounds wonderful! I know you're super excited... and I LOVE sharpie pens! I love all types of pens, actually... haha!

Briana said...

Its so close! I can imagine how excited you are. Italy is at the top of my places to visit. & those Revlon lip butters are AMAZING!

Liz said...

Pretty handwriting AND lovely pictures! :) Italy and an internship sounds like an amazing opportunity! :P

Good luck! :)

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