Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Baking

My sister and I decided to get together and wreak havoc in our kitchen to make our Aunt Rena's famous disappearing marshmallow brownies (disappearing because the minute they come out of that oven, they're practically gone). Rena is a close family friend of ours and whenever I make or eat these brownies, memories of my childhood and the San Francisco bay area flood back to my mind. She always sent us a holiday card in the mail along with these brownies. It wasn't a holiday without them. She's such a sweet woman and I miss her and California so much. My family and I don't really do any special activities for the holidays but it was comforting knowing I could spend time with my sister baking something that reminded us of our childhood.

You can tell we've had the recipe forever because the adorable paper Rena wrote on is wrinkling down :(







Right before it went into the oven and at this point we couldn't wait another 20 minutes for it to bake!


The finished result :)



The destroyed kitchen, with the flour everywhere and the sticky countertops, was totally worth it for the finished result. We hadn't made these in years and the first run came out amazing. Oh and I've had a few friends ask me for this recipe, but if I told you, I'd have to kill you. Happy Holidays!


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