Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goodbye America, Ciao Italia!




After a grueling week of putting things into my suitcase, taking things out, weighing, and rearranging, everything is finally packed (still bitter about the 50 lb weight limit, guys). My important documents/ converted euros are also ready to go and my Mom cried once (I'm pretty sure the airport's going to be flooded with tears tomorrow). It's really late and I should be asleep considering I have a flight to catch, but sleep is hard to achieve when your siblings are forcing you to watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie omg. It's so crazy to see all the famous monuments in the movie and know that I'll be on my way to see the same things--minus the Italian popstar imposter-- in less than 12 hours! How am I supposed to sleep?! I've had plenty of sleepless nights due to restlessness or anxiety but at this point, I'm really excited to travel and just see all the places I've always wanted to see. I'm also kind of looking forward to see if I can understand Italian when people are speaking it at a million miles per hour. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I plan to take advantage of it and not allow any worries to bring me down.

I hope everything goes smoothly when I go through security and I'm crossing my fingers that I won't have to take anything out of my suitcases, even though I've weighed them a million times. As for the plane ride? Praying that I'm not seated next to any screaming babies or awkward people. I haven't been on a plane for about four years (a trip to Canada) and that time my ears popped so badly, I thought I went deaf and it took two hours for them to go back to normal. I also almost broke my toe and was, unfortunately, seated next to a drunk guy who stepped on it twice. I may or may not have wanted to jump out of the plane that time. Tomorrow, I'll be connecting to Rome from Chicago and when I land, staff from my school will pick all the students up and we'll be taking a three hour bus ride to Arezzo, which is in Tuscany. Since it's clear I won't be getting much sleep tonight, I'm hoping to catch some zZz-s on the plane and bus (let's be real, I'll probably be too excited/anxious to sleep). As for this blog, I'll find out how strong my internet connection is once I land, but I'll be updating about my travels and experiences through instagram (zaharaplease) and my twitter :)

Ahhhhh I still can't believe it asdgkjshgh! Italia, sto arrivando presto, non vedo l'ora!


Darianne said...

I probably wouldn't sleep at all that night. I'd be too excited. Be safe! I hope you have a blast<3

Helen Rickelle said...

Have a wonderful trip!! Take lots of pictures!

Briana said...

I know your going to have a fabulous time! GOOD LUCK and take pictures for us!!!

Tqa ℒondon said...

Oh have fun babe..
I didn't know you are fasting as well. Lol
If I were you, I won't be sleeping at all. Haha

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