Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day in photos

Boarding passes for my flights!

One of the nifty shops inside the Rome airport.

The bus ride on the way to Arezzo, the town I'll be living in.

A town right outside of Rome that I managed to snap a picture of on the bus.

We made a pit stop to take a break so we could grab something to eat and of course, you know me, I went with Nutella & Go! Except the ones in Italy also come with this amazing lemon iced tea portion. Lemon and Nutella, who would have thought?! Such a weird combination, but so amazing.

The view from the train station once we got to Arezzo! My apartment isn't too far from where this picture was taken. How European are all the Vespas on the left hand side?

 What you see when you walk into my apartment.

 A little note the housing director left for my roommates and I with these popular Italian cookies.

And last but not least, the view from my terrace on the 5th floor. It's even more breathtaking at night when it isn't so hot. I'll definitely be getting more photos up soon, I've taken a gagillion others since Monday. I also had the craziest night tonight and will go into more detail tomorrow, it's around 2:30 am and I should be asleep but my sleeping schedule is off key!


Thania said...

everything looks really beautiful! Specially your appartment.

xoxo Thania

Darianne said...

I'm so jealous! Everything looks beautiful! Your apartment looks really nice. I think I'm gonna go to Italy soon. This has convinced me I should book a trip (:

Briana said...

Lovely photos! I'm living through you, I've always wanted to visit italy!

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